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Where to find technical communication talent

I like to connect industry professionals with people that they want to know. This updated blog post is inspired by the frequent incoming emails from recruiters and hiring managers that are looking for technical communication talent. I often receive  requests like “How can I reach qualified technical communication candidates for this job?” and “Do you know … Continue reading

Tech comm job search resources

On a regular basis, industry peers, friends, and their friends ask me “do you know of a technical writing job?” or “is your company hiring?” or “can you give me some job search tips?” From many years of answering these questions, I’ve maintained this work-in-progress how to find tech comm jobs blog post that I first published … Continue reading

Job search resources and activities

A collection of job search resources and job search activities are posted here for your reading pleasure. Update your LinkedIn profile Customize your LinkedIn URL Keep status current Ask for recommendations (strive for at least 20) Build relationships Follow the companies that you are interested in Post questions, provide answers Discover and participate in the … Continue reading